A New Perspective On Beauty: Something To Ponder About

By Chi de Jesus

As much as I would like to say that we had a fabulous year, I know that most had to settle with the company of introspection. So we armed all our readers with updated knowledge on being stylish fashionistas, finding the correct hues for your skin, grooming, contouring, highlighting, puckering up, and smoking it out based on your own skin, shape, and condition while remembering the most important rule – keep it healthy. Healthy is beautiful. Thus the words supple, rosy, and bright keep us on our toes to strive for that perfect look… at least you’re own perfect.

But now, let’s keep it real.

All of these tips and tricks are all meant for you to understand an important perspective on beauty – that there is no “one standard” that dictates its identity because it changes all the time. The beauty queens, supermodels, and celebrities before may look so different from the women who represent beauty these days. A woman’s uniqueness usually breaks the monotony of beauty standards that society may have followed for several years.

So, what do we do with this information?

As Socrates said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” Before getting swept away by the waves of trend that supposedly tells us what’s fashionable, understand first who you are – what’s your lifestyle, what are your preferences, and how your body reacts to the elements around you. This only means that you will always have your own version of a style that’s in fashion, a concept may not be taken as is but as you can wing it, and a look may not be defined by the specifics but by the general “feel.”

Self-development will always be fun especially if you are doing it for yourself. So, before you get on the bandwagon and copy what the influencers are doing online remember some very important facts:

Less is more.

If somebody tells you that you have to suffer for fashion, she must be selling you something.

If it looks good on you, there’s always a look for less.

Some may say that it only goes for naturally beautiful women or those with a fantastic metabolism. If scrolling up and reading from the top does not do it for you, this writer does not discount the fact that what mother nature did not provide, father science has something to help you tweak things in your favour. AS LONG AS, one practices restraint. It’s harder to CTRL-Z when it comes to medical procedures.

And as a final note, as my idol, Kevyn Aucoin used to say, “No amount of make-up can mask an ugly heart.” I believe that keeping yourself naturally beautiful allows more focus on who you really are and what you are actually saying. One’s purpose and advocacy become the more beautiful aspect of who you are. If there’s none, then Kevyn hit the nail on the head.

So, enjoy the rest of the year with a new perspective on beauty.

This article was sourced from the Australian Filipina.




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