How to Get Breezy, Laid-back Leading Lady Waves

What a difference a week makes: Early in her career, Mara Roszak went from giving $5 beauty-school haircuts to styling Sarah Michelle Gellar’s hair for a premiere, thanks to an intro from a friend. “I’d never done anybody’s hair except my friends and family and beauty-school customers,” Roszak says. “After the premiere, Sarah hired me for her entire press tour. ” Thirteen years later, Roszak, now L’Oréal Paris’s celebrity hairstylist, creates breezy waves on celeb fans such as Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, Kate Mara, and Zoe Saldana. “I never want to put a hairstyle on someone,” she says. “I like the person to show through.”

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You’ve taken some clients gradually shorter over the past year. Is the slow shift strategic? If you start with a longer bob, just below the shoulder, you can rock that for a couple of months. Then you map out your next style, which is maybe a collarbone bob. Ease your way into it. It’s a little bit less shocking.

Does texture affect how short you can go?

I never want someone at home fighting with their hair to try to make it look the way the stylist did. The whole point of having short hair is that you want to be free of the battle. So if you have thicker hair, you definitely need to put texture into your cut. If you have curly hair, you’ll need to get a cut with blended layers that will keep it from going too round.

What’s your secret to those loose, tousled waves?

When hair is about 70 percent dry, I’ll prep it in either one big braid or two pigtail braids. Not too tight, not perfect. You want the braid to start the shape of a natural wave. And then hit it with a dryer to set the hair into that form. Then, before it’s totally dry, I take the braids out and rough-dry the rest of the way.

Are certain hairstyles more photogenic than others?

One of the most photogenic hairstyles, and also one of the most difficult, is the perfect old-Hollywood wave. It reads beautifully on camera because the waves are shiny.

Can I do this at home?

Yes, but you have to treat it like sculpture. Wrap the hair around the curler in the same direction all around the head, let it sit, then spray it and brush it out. Then you remold it with the brush, clip it, spray it, then let it sit again. Once you take the clips out, you want it to be almost a fixed structure. You really don’t want it to move.

And then to get that shine?

Make sure you’re blowing the hair out pretty and smooth first. Shine products help, but trying new ones can be scary for a hairstylist. If you over-oil, you can’t get it out, and you have to start all over by shampooing. So I prefer light shine products, almost like hairsprays. I’m obsessed with the L’Oréal Glossing Mist since it just mists out. When the flash bounces off the shine on the hair, it creates a glimmer effect. It’s pretty wild.

This article originally appears in the July 2015 issue of ELLE.

What the Fashion World Loses When Donna Karan Leaves

When Donna Karan steps down from her role as chief designer at Donna Karan International, fashion loses an ear for how women really want to dress. Sure, there are many brilliant visionaries out there who are reinventing fashion and championing political philosophies, but the bottom line is that there are millions of women who are insecure about their bodies, who want to go to work every day looking their best in clothes that will empower them, at times make them feel sensual, and more often than not, hide their flaws. Donna thought about that all the time. Most women designers think about that all the time. And, thanks to stretch fabrics, Donna mastered the equation. It became who she was and was every part of her DNA.

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With her Seven Easy Pieces, Donna Karan revolutionized the way women dressed. She is the queen of the body-conscious drape. My favorite Donna rallying cry is that shoulders never get fat! She made leggings cool. She is the ur-feminist post-modern designer.

It’s easy to forget that women designers were few and far between before Donna. She inherited the mantle of one of the great American women designers when she took over for Anne Klein before launching her own collection. With Donna’s leaving, I can already hear a collective sigh from her many fans as they pass wistful glances at their tummies, hips, and thighs. But take heart! Urban Zen, Karan’s philanthropic initiative that launched in 2007, really picks up where Seven Easy Pieces left off.

Because the legacy Karan leaves behind is not just one of easy, sensual dressing for real women’s bodies, but also one of philanthropy. In a statement released yesterday about her departure, Karan acknowledged, “I have arrived at a point in my life where I need to spend more time to pursue my Urban Zen commitment to its fullest potential and follow my vision of philanthropy and commerce with a focus on health care, education and preservation of cultures.”

I was recently in Haiti with Karan for Urban Zen. The line partners with artisans to create luxury goods that preserve local culture, and the proceeds benefit health care and education via the Urban Zen Foundation. Karan has focused particularly on Haiti, serving as an honorary ambassador, and works with the Clinton Global Initiative to support and develop Haitian artisan commerce. With her commitment to Haiti through her work at Urban Zen, Karan is one of the few designers who will revolutionize fashion through the spirit of conscientious consumerism. She is a force to be reckoned with and her work in fashion is far from over.

Serena Williams At Wimbledon: Coach Patrick Mouratoglou Fuels Boyfriend Rumors On Instagram [PICS]


It was just announced on Tuesday that Williams and her sister Venus Williams withdrew from the Wimbledon doubles competition to concentrate on the singles title, according to the Washington Post.

“I feel it would be best for me to concentrate on singles here at Wimbledon, and as a result, have made the decision to withdraw from doubles,” Serena Williams said in a statement. “I’ve always loved playing doubles with Venus, particularly here at Wimbledon where we’ve had so much success over the years, and so I’m really sorry to have to withdraw this year.”

Fans are hoping that Williams won’t be shy on Instagram during her Wimbledon matches, but that would be kind of okay because Mouratoglou seems to be busy on his Instagram. He just posted a picture of him doing an interview with CNN on Tuesday.

Do you think Serena Williams will win the Wimbledon 2015 championship? Sound off below!


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