Kendall Jenner Did NOT Dress Appropriately For Yesterday’s Heatwave

by Maxine Eggenberger

While most of us were sweltering in the heat, Kendall Jenner played it cool in a knitted dress and leather ankle boots. Wait, WHAT?

Kendall Jenner has taken up temporary residency in London after rocking out with Taylor Swift at her concert last weekend, and it’s easy to see that she’s having an amazing time in the Great British capital now that the weather’s in her favour. 

The 19-year-old model, who hit British soil after walking at the Givenchy show during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, has been spending her time in London just as a tourist should, touring the parks and streets on a quintessential Boris bike. 

However, yesterday the Keeping Up With The Kardashians starlet swapped the outdoorsy fun for a day of culture as she hit up the Tate Modern art gallery situated on the city’s picturesque Southbank (and, just a stone’s throw away from InStyle HQ, FYI).  And, being the hottest day in the UK in NINE years, we can’t blame her for wanting to get out of the sun…

Taking to her Instagram account to share her day with her fans, Kendall can be seen with her back to the camera observing an Andy Warhol print at the Tate. However, instead of gawking at the multi-million pound art just feet from her, we couldn’t stop staring at her seriously cool frock. Then, as she exited the building shortly afterwards, we were given a proper look at it, when something struck us — how weather inappropriate it actually was. 

Sure, she hails from LA, where the weather is typically better than here but regardless, with temperatures soaring to over 35°C, she must have been cooking in her Isabel Marant knitted dress and pony-skin ankle boots. We’re toasty just looking at her… 

Of course, she still looked fly, but we can’t believe she managed to hold her own in this outfit with the heat reaching that kind of intensity; it WAS hotter than the Sahara Desert, after all.

However, another thing we couldn’t help but notice about her get-up was her western style belt. From label B-Low, Kendall’s been sporting its cowboy inspired waist-cinchers non-stop over the past few weeks, catapulting the western belt into the fashion spotlight. 

Her originals will cost you upwards of £100, but if you don’t have that kind of change to throw, you should definitely consider snapping up this amazing doppelgänger from ASOS. Who’d have thought a buy costing you just £9.50 would give your failsafe jeans and t-shirt combo new-found fashion cred? 

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