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Before planning a sailing trip to Croatia there are few things everyone should know in order to have nice and stress less vacation. Otherwise you can encounter some serious problems that could affect your holidays.

There are two main charter types – bareboat charter and crewed charter. For bareboat charter at least one person on the board must have a boat leader’s license. The license must me issued by a state institution. If a license is certified by a foreign state institution the Croatian law accepts it in most cases. The license must be related to the sea and open waters and not to the rivers and channels. Law in Croatia does not accept any Sailing Club Certifications. Also at least one person on the board must have a VHF license. Usually boat leader’s license exam covers the VHF part as well. In case none of the guest has such a qualifications then a skipper must be hired. For crewed charter no license is required. Depending on the yacht size, the crew usually consists of captain, hand man, cook, hostess…

In every way the usual charter week in Croatia starts on Saturday afternoon (3 pm to 5 pm) and ends on Saturday morning (8 am to 10 am). Some of the charter companies require to have the boat back from the charter to base marina on Friday afternoon. In this case guests are able to stay on board until Saturday morning. On Saturday can be very crowded in marinas since all charter companies have takeover of all their yachts on that day. Guests should be prepared and very patient keeping in mind that marina staff is doing their best. When taking the yacht ,it is not advised to get in marina much in advanced. There is just a slight chance that your boat will be ready and cleaned among the first boats that were in charter previous week. In case you are already early , it would be much better that you leave your luggage in marina and take a swim on a nearest beach.

Every yacht for charter in Croatia has Casco insurance. The charter companies ask for deposit to be left in base marina in amount of insurance franchise. Depending on the size of the yacht and insurance contract deposit goes from 500 EUR to 2500 EUR and can be paid in cash or by credit card. Credit card will be just slipped and not charged yet. In case the yacht is damaged the charter company will cover the damage from the deposit left by guest and the rest from the insurance company.

All charter companies in Croatia ask 30%-50% of rental payment at the moment of the booking and the rest at least 4 weeks prior to embarkation. In case of booking cancellation , in most cases the complete amount will be returned if the booking was canceled more than a month before charter. This is a part of general charter terms and conditions used by all charter companies in very similar form. Although, there are some differences between one charter company and another. So, it would be good to read the conditions at the moment of booking very carefully.

There are over 100 yacht charter companies and over 3000 yachts in Croatia and each one of them has its own price and terms. To find an ideal yacht for yourself one should contact every charter company asking for availability and prices. Huge list of companies can be found in Croatian tourism official web site:

There are some agencies having complete databases of all available yachts in Croatia and they can make you a very quick offer. The price will be the same as you contact the charter company directly because the agency gets a discount from the charter company. In some cases the agency price can even beat the charter company price because as professionals they may achieve special discounts and conditions four you.

A very common example of General Charter Terms and Conditions in Croatia


A boat has been booked only when the Booking Form and the agreed deposit have reached Charter company or one of its affiliates and when an Invoice stating the terms of the balance payment has been dispatched.

Payment of balance of the charter amount will become due 30 days before the charter start date, without reminder on the part of the charter operator.

For all bookings made less than 30 days before the start date the charter fee must be paid in full on booking.
All bank charges will be payable by the charterer.

Bookings made through Travel Agents are subject to agreed travel agency procedures regarding bookings and cancellations and to all the following Charter Conditions.


Cancellation by the charterer

Should the hirer be unable to take-over the boat he must notify the Company immediately, when every effort will be made to re-let the boat. If successful, the Company will refund the deposit less a re-booking charge of 100?

If the company is unable to re-let, the following cancellation policy applies:

Cancellation more than 60 days before the start of charter: 30% of the charter fee is retained by the company.

Cancellation between 31 and 59 days before the start of charter: 50% of the rental charge is retained by the company.

Cancellation within 30 days of the start of charter: the full amount has to be paid.

Cancellation by the Company
Every precaution will be taken to ensure that the booked boat is available in a fully seaworthy condition. If owing to conditions and circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Company this is not possible, then every effort will be made to supply a similar or suitable boat. Should this not be possible the Charter Fee paid by the Hirer will be returned in full but the Charterer will have no claim on any account against the Company.


The time of taking possession will normally be Saturday between 17.00 hrs and 21.00 hrs.

The charterer will take charge of the boat after completion of certain formalities (security deposit, inventory check), receipt of administrative documents and instructions in operation of the boat.
The charterer will be required to sign the Check List.

Signing implies that:

The boat was handed over in a clean and tidy state

The instruction was adequate

The boat is in a satisfactory mechanical state with full fuel and water tanks

The inventory has been checked and found satisfactory.

The Company reserves the right to decline a booking or to refuse to hand-over a boat to any person who, in their opinion, is not suitable to take charge on the grounds of ill-health, age, disability, inexperience or any other reason which, in their opinion, would lead to a serious risk of accident or damage.
In such cases, Charter company will provide a competent skipper at charterer?s expense. If the charterer does not accept a skipper, the Charter Fee will be refunded in full and the Contract terminated without further liability on either party.


The boat must be returned to the originating Base of Embarkation at the time and date agreed, with full fuel and water tanks.

The hirer should plan a great enough margin for the return time to be respected.

Therefore, it is recommended to return the boat in the marina at 17.00 hours the day before the charter ends.
It is the responsibility of the charterer to make allowance for bad weather.

Failure to return the boat on the due date will incur a charge of double daily rate plus any other charges of incidental losses incurred by the Company.

The fuel tank and the water tanks have to be filled up before the check-out.


The following insurance will be in full force during the term of the charter:

1. Hull Insurance is provided for total loss or damage to the cruiser and its equipment. Bareboat charterers shall be responsible for the amount of protection provided from the security deposit. The charterer, however, is responsible for any loss or damage or any other liabilities arising out of deliberate acts or negligent conduct by charterer, his or her family, guests and agents, in which event the sole responsibility for the entire amount of the loss or damage would fall on the charterer.
Damages on the sails are not covered by insurance.

2. Third Party Liability Insurance

3. Personal Accident Insurance – this insurance does not cover loss, damage or theft of personal luggage or belongings, including any motor vehicles parked at the marina.

The charterer is advised to take out personal travel insurance before departing.


A refundable security deposit, which amount depends on the class of the boat, has to be paid before embarkation (cash, credit cards ? Visa, Diners, MC, AC). The deposit has to be paid even when a skipper has been employed to captain the boat.

This deposit can be applied to the repair of damages or loss of equipment caused by charterer or by any of his party. It will be refunded provided that no reason exists for its retention.

Charterers returning or leaving a boat at a Marina different from the one from which they started ? except by prior arrangement made with the Company ? will lose their deposit.


In the event of any accident or mishap the charterer must immediately provide the Base Manager with full details together with the names and addresses of witnesses and the name of owners or charterers if another vessel is involved. The Base Manager will indicate the next steps to be taken.

The charterer is required to complete the accident report form and to have it completed and countersigned by the third party. In particular, lost dinghies and outboard engines must be reported immediately. Failure to notify the Base Manager of any loss, mishap or accident may invalidate the insurance.

The Base Manager must be notified immediately if any repairs or service are required and they may not be placed in the hands of other repair shops without the Base Manager?s specific approval.

If you have a breakdown of the equipment which is considered essential to the operation of the yacht and which occurs inside the 30 mile radius of the Company base, we will complete repairs within 24 hour of receiving your call. If we fail to correct the problem within 24 hours, you will be refunded on a rate pro-rata to the lost charter time or you will receive a sailing credit toward your next charter.

All other breakdowns will be serviced, but compensation will not be provided if repairs take more than 24 hours.


The charterer shall pay any additional running expenses not included in the charter price: fuel expenses, tourist taxes and a mooring place outside the marina.

The charterer shall use the boat for pleasure only. charterer shall not assign this agreement or subcharter without prior written consent of The Company. The boat shall not transport merchandise or carry passengers.
Passengers, other than those notified on the crew list, must not be carried on the boat.

The charterer is explicitly liable for the boat in case any official authority confiscates it, due to inappropriate and illegal actions undertaken during the usage of the boat.

All passengers with the exception of any skipper or cook provided by the Company are considered guests from the charterer. Charterer is responsible for the safety and well-being of charterer and all guests.

Charterer shall avoid sailing area designated hazardous and should refrain from night sailing.

Charterer shall comply with all laws and regulations of the Croatia or of any other government within the jurisdiction in which the boat may be at the time.

By signing the agreement, the charterer certifies that he/she is competent to handle the boat and that the charterer has sufficient practical knowledge of seamanship, unless a Company approved skipper has been employed to captain the boat for the entire charter period.

In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia, the charterer has to possess a valid license necessary for the navigation (Boat Leaders Certificate) and a radiophone certificate.


The charterer is required to notify the Base Manager of any alleged shortcomings or problems with the boat immediately as they occur. No claim can be considered in respect of such alleged shortcomings if not notified as aforesaid.
Furthermore the Company will not investigate nor deal with complaints received later than one week after the termination of the Charter. In the event of dispute, The Tribunal of Commerce of the port of embarkation is the only competent authority.

WATCH: Jess Glynne Covers Adele AND The Spice Girls

by Josh Newis-Smith

Jess Glynne covers Adele�™s Hello by humming it in this week�™s Joshington Hosts. Can you guess the other songs Jess is trying to hum? Plus the Hold My Hand singer takes on a Spice Girls classic…

Joshington Hosts loves to challenge the a-list (see GoT’s Sophie Turner take Josh to X-Men bootcamp, for example) but with 5 number one singles under her belt you would have thought Jess Glynne would be an expert hummer. However the platinum selling artist confesses she is not actually great at humming. Ekkk!  Less than ideal when Josh Newis-Smith is guessing what songs she’s trying to perform AND he’s the only person left on the planet who doesn’t recongise the beat to Adele’s Hello. Ekkk x2! Watch the video above and play the game for yourself… can you spot Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk?

If that wasn’t enough for you Jess rejoins Josh to complete The Clutch Challenge in a second video. What is the premise of the clutch challenge I hear you cry? Well! Jess had two minutes to answer as many questions as possible from Joshington’s cracking yellow clutch. Do yourself a favour and check out Sophie Turner completing the same challenge- there is one seriously amazing Kylie Jenner impression AND the best dance routine you have EVER seen.

Speaking of dance routines Jess does her best interpretation of Spice Girls’ mega hit Stop. The dancing is second to none, and as expected so is the singing- talk about the full pop star package! Given that Jess has covered one of the greatest songs of all time and Adele’s Hello you would be forgiven for thinking that you had clicked onto the official Stars In Your Eyes page. Well seem as we mentioned it, it turns out if Jess was to appear on said show, ‘I would be Beyonce and I would do her new one, Hold Up.’ Funnily enough its the song she is obsessed with right now too.

However it wouldn’t be the song she would play for the first dance at her wedding, ‘it would be I Will Take You There by the Staple Singers.’ Make sure you watch the below video to find out if Jess prefers Kanye to Jay-Z and what her go to karokee song is.

Joshington Hosts if our weekly fashion and celebrity vlog hosted by Josh Newis-Smith. Subscribe here so you NEVER miss an episode. This Sunday Josh hosts Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard and they solve your relationship problems.

joshington hosts, josh newis-smith, instyle

This Police Officer’s Response to Alton Sterling’s Death Is Essential Viewing

Nakia Jones is a police officer with the Warrensville Heights Police Department in Ohio. On Wednesday, she streamed her reaction to the news of the death of Alton Sterling—a black man who was, according to a witness video, pinned to the ground by Baton Rouge police officers and shot Tuesday morning. The now-viral Facebook Live video by Jones, who is black and the mother of six children, is powerful and forceful.

As an officer, Jones explains that she is sensitive to criticism against men and women who risk their lives every day to serve and protect the public. And as a black woman, she says that she wanted to work in a black community to help make a difference—though she witnesses heartbreaking violence daily, she says, police should never be the ones perpetrating it. After she watched the graphic video of Sterling’s death, she explains that she could not stay silent.

Sterling, 37, was shot and killed by two white police officers who responded to an anonymous tip that a man selling CDs outside a convenience store had a gun and was acting in a threatening manner. According to an account from store owner Abdullah Muflahi, Sterling’s gun was concealed (and Louisiana is an open-carry state) and his hands were not near it. By Muflahi’s telling, the police were “aggressive,” and in the two videos that emerged they are seen fatally shooting Sterling after they’ve pinned him to the ground.

“I got to see what you all see. If I wasn’t on the police officer and I wasn’t on the inside, I would be saying, ‘Look at this racist stuff. Look at this.’ And it hurt me,” Jones says in her video.

“If you are white, and you are working in a black community, and you are racist, you need to be ashamed of yourself,” Jones continues in an impassioned plea. “You stood up there and took an oath. If this is not where you want to work at, then you need to take your behind [and leave]. I decided to work in an African American community because I am African American and I wanted to make a difference.”

“How dare you stand next to me in the same uniform and murder somebody? How dare you!” she cried. If you’re an officer who is “afraid of people that don’t look like you,” she said, “you have no business in that uniform. Take it off.”

A day after Sterling was shot dead by police, Minnesota police shot and killed Philando Castile after pulling him over for, reportedly, a busted taillight. Castile was the 123rd black person killed by police this year; their deaths are among the hundreds of black lives lost at the hands of police in recent years. The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division has opened investigations into both killings.

How To Dress For A Wedding: What InStyle’s Fashion Editor Wears

by Amy Bannerman

InStyle’s Fashion Editor Amy Bannerman’s shares her essentials to help you solve this sartorial style nightmare…

1. The LBD.

Black isn’t usually classed as an appropraite colour choice for weddings but my advice is a classic LBD will see you through many wedding’s and you’ll look utterly chic standing next to someone in a chintzy floral number. My utter favourite is any style from Vivienne Westwood (honestly, it will change your life) Vivienne Westwood dress, £675 Coggles

2. The disco Mule.

Mules instantly elongate your legs and they’re easy to kick off when the DJ puts on your favourite song. Gyda mules, £275 from Rupert Sanderson

3. The clutch bag.

You don’t want to ruin the effect of your dress with a messy strap so a clutch is a simple solution, also somewhere handy to store your tissues if you’re a cry baby like me. Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope Bag, £350 Harrods

4.The oversized sunglasses.

You need to stash some dark sunglasses in your clutch, especially for summer weddings, and those inevitable teary moments. Lucie Preppie Round Glasses £14 Topshop

5. The big hoops.

A pair of super size gold hoops will add a touch of disco to your look and are an instant glamourizer, and are very on trend, the 70s  is a huge AW trend. Melissa Odabash rose gold hoop earrings £35 John Lewis

6. The romantic dress.

The key to this is not to wear it in white or the bride will kill you. Wear with flat gladiators to toughen it up a bit. You can switch the slip for a vintage version or a floral version for more of an eclectic layered summer look. Sheer Floral Lace Layered Maxi Dress, £320 Self Portrait from Matches

7. The underlayers.

French shorts and a cami are a great layering option under a sheer dress, and they will make your legs look longer than a longer slip. Isabella Cami £90and French Knickers £90 from Myla

8. The party dress.

A lurex  mini dress. Hello 70s! This party banger is from buy a couple of sizes up to make it a bit longer. Lurex dress £20 from available mid September 

Dior Homme SS16: Kris Van Assche Designs For the Modern Aristocrat

Emblazoned on the lapel of a sharply tailored jacket were random zippers in a zig zag pattern, and subtle, thin, orange trim on ties and collars gave off an almost 3D effect. A dark, navy trench coat looked like something we’ve all seen before, but with a flutter of wind, the coat revealed a bright orange lining that was hard to ignore. Slender ties complimented all the looks, keeping the models contemporary and urban, classy and sophisticated—perfect for the modern aristocrat.

Dries Van Noten SS16: Marilyn Monroe & Salvador Dali Are Immortalized in Fashion

Male models showcased garments with Marilyn Monroe’s gorgeous, pouting face and enviable figure printed onto silken suits, button-down shirts, roomy boxer shorts and capes. Dali made a few spontaneous appearances in the form of a lobster motif, with the crustacean embellished in ruby red sequins on a shirt or crawling across loosely-knitted sweaters. A sheer shirt with Marilyn “kissing” the male model’s chiseled torso was a stand-out piece and encapsulated the light, fun mood of the collection. The lavish fabrics combined with silhouettes that were loose and slouchy gave the runway a sort of liberating atmosphere and the effect was almost hypnotic. Just like the iconography of Marilyn herself.

Kendall Jenner Did NOT Dress Appropriately For Yesterday’s Heatwave

by Maxine Eggenberger

While most of us were sweltering in the heat, Kendall Jenner played it cool in a knitted dress and leather ankle boots. Wait, WHAT?

Kendall Jenner has taken up temporary residency in London after rocking out with Taylor Swift at her concert last weekend, and it’s easy to see that she’s having an amazing time in the Great British capital now that the weather’s in her favour. 

The 19-year-old model, who hit British soil after walking at the Givenchy show during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, has been spending her time in London just as a tourist should, touring the parks and streets on a quintessential Boris bike. 

However, yesterday the Keeping Up With The Kardashians starlet swapped the outdoorsy fun for a day of culture as she hit up the Tate Modern art gallery situated on the city’s picturesque Southbank (and, just a stone’s throw away from InStyle HQ, FYI).  And, being the hottest day in the UK in NINE years, we can’t blame her for wanting to get out of the sun…

Taking to her Instagram account to share her day with her fans, Kendall can be seen with her back to the camera observing an Andy Warhol print at the Tate. However, instead of gawking at the multi-million pound art just feet from her, we couldn’t stop staring at her seriously cool frock. Then, as she exited the building shortly afterwards, we were given a proper look at it, when something struck us — how weather inappropriate it actually was. 

Sure, she hails from LA, where the weather is typically better than here but regardless, with temperatures soaring to over 35°C, she must have been cooking in her Isabel Marant knitted dress and pony-skin ankle boots. We’re toasty just looking at her… 

Of course, she still looked fly, but we can’t believe she managed to hold her own in this outfit with the heat reaching that kind of intensity; it WAS hotter than the Sahara Desert, after all.

However, another thing we couldn’t help but notice about her get-up was her western style belt. From label B-Low, Kendall’s been sporting its cowboy inspired waist-cinchers non-stop over the past few weeks, catapulting the western belt into the fashion spotlight. 

Her originals will cost you upwards of £100, but if you don’t have that kind of change to throw, you should definitely consider snapping up this amazing doppelgänger from ASOS. Who’d have thought a buy costing you just £9.50 would give your failsafe jeans and t-shirt combo new-found fashion cred? 

Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” Video Is Here and It’s Insane

She’s teased us with a trailer, with countless Instagrams and Tweets, and now it’s finally here: Rihanna’s entire seven-minute long horror film video for “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

Rihanna directed it herself with Megaforce writing on Instagram, “Ya girl got director skillz!!! The concept for this piece came to me 8 months ago!!! So you can imagine how anxious I am right now!!! 😬😬😬.”

The “concept” is deeply twisted…

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…and involves boobs, blood, butts…

…and some seriously sick fashion.

Want to see how Rihanna ends up like this?

Watch it yourself. At home. With no small children around:


Shiri Appleby Was Told She Was Too Flat for ‘Baywatch’

Shiri Appleby has been acting since age four when she appeared in a Raisin Brain commercial. Now, after cultivating an insanely impressive IMDB filmography—from “kid #1” on Who’s the Boss? to 61 episodes of Roswell to a ten-episode stint on ER—Appleby is starring as TV producer Rachel Goldberg on Lifetime’s UnREAL, a series that plays on the behind-the-scenes drama of a Bachelor-like show. It’s a grittier, darker character for the actress, who sees her recent credits as a new chapter in her three-decades-long career. (Need more proof? See her four-episode arc on Girls, which involved a deeply memorable if not disturbing sex scene with Adam Driver.) Here, as part of our recurring Explain Your IMDB series, Appleby recounts her memories from some of her most memorable roles (including a TV movie called Pizza My Heart.)

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I Love You To Death, Millie, Girl In Park (1990)

“Lawrence Kasdan directed it. It was a scene with Tracey Ullman and I was a girl in the park. I remember my mom telling me it was a big deal movie because of who the actors were. Tracey Ullman was sitting in the park after finding out her husband has cheated on her, and this blonde boy and I ran over to her and asked if everything was okay. I thought I was a really serious actor and took it so seriously.”

Doogie Howser, M.D., Molly Harris (1993)

“It was a really big job for me. I remember auditioning on the 20th Century Fox lot. I knew it was a big deal because I had auditioned for it two or three times before that. I was about 11 years old and, to me, it was like starring in Gone With The Wind. It was a really fantastic work experience. There were a lot of scenes for me to play and I had to do a lot of emotions. I remember feeling really sad when the job was over because I felt like I really grew a lot. I know I was 11 years old, but I really felt that.”

ER, Ms. Murphy/Dr. Daria Wade (1994, 2008-09)

“I was in the pilot of ER, I played a 15-year-old pregnant girl they were treating. And then in the final season they were casting for interns. I had literally just been in the actual E.R. because I broke my pelvis and tailbone and told my agent, ‘I really want to be on ER‘ So then I was in the entire last season of the show. It was amazing. It was like being in graduate school for television. I learned that this is how you do television at the highest level.”

Baywatch, Jennie (1995)

This Underground Street Artist Is Challenging Global Beauty Ideals

Kashink, a street artist from Paris, has a been drawing a mustache onto her upper lip for the past two years. “I wear it every single day,” says the artist, who has become one of the world’s better known street artists for her large-scale, diversity-conscious murals in Paris, Miami, Morocco, New York, and Los Angeles. “It started as a kind of alter ego to wear to openings or performances or parties. Little by little I realized I wanted to wear it more often. Two symmetrical lines on a female face are accepted on the eyebrows or as eyeliner, but if you drop these same lines [lower] on the same face, it becomes the opposite of how a woman is supposed to look. It’s really interesting to question these codes.”

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Kashink’s latest mural in Paris was commissioned by Amnesty International as part of their “My Body, My Rights” project. “The idea of the campaign is to be able to reach a broader audience about sex roles and reproductive rights,” Kashink says. “It also has to do with gender representation. The first idea I had was to revisit classical paintings such as ‘La Grande Odalisque’ with the idea that bodies are represented a certain way in art. I thought it was interesting to present them in a way that was the opposite of the originals.”

The artist, who got involved with street art at age 17 and began creating wall-sized pieces at 25, has finally established a recognizable aesthetic at 34. Her re-imagining of Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’s celebrated nude form employs her trademark bright colors to render the woman race neutral. “I’m working on human diversity and how beautiful it is,” she says. “The fact that my subjects have no defined skin color is a great way to share these different aspects.” She’s also added a message to the piece—the words “mon corps, mes droits” (my body, my rights) appear as if coming from the woman’s mouth. “Ingres made her skin look perfect and smooth. I thought it was interesting to completely change these aspects,” the artist says of her creature’s comfort with her spotted skin and Picasso-esque rows of eyes. “We’re so bombarded with images of women looking good that we don’t even question this anymore,” she says. “It’s very interesting that the imaginary skin color I’m doing is a way to free my art from the origin of my characters.”

In addition to disturbing the notion of beauty, Kashink also wants to give back to her community. She regularly involves students in her projects and enlisted a group of them to help with the Odalisque mural. As for being a woman in an art scene that is primarily comprised of men? “I get that question a lot,” Kashink says. “There are less women in art in general. It’s very easy to name ten male painters who marked art history. It’s very hard to name five female painters who marked art history. It’s not specific to street art. Women are expected to be useful in society. They’re supposed to be raising kids, taking care of their homes, having a career that’s effective. Art, in a way, is kind of useless. Art doesn’t change diapers, cook, or clean the house.”

There is a second factor that comes into play with street art: the inherent risk. Although Kashink paints a lot of commissioned murals that are completely legal, she continues to create pieces outside the law. And despite recently being brought in by the Paris police for tagging trucks, the artist remains undeterred. “I’ve always been a risk-taker so I’m not scared of that,” she says. “But maybe taking risks is not something women are encouraged to do and they should be.”

To see more of Kashink’s work follow her on Instagram.